West Chester Weekly News Roundup: Mar. 25, 2022

While we were lamenting the closing of Jane Chalfant and the passing of Sal Inzone, Sr., downtown took another hit losing yet another feature that made West Chester, West Chester. Plus, the West Chester Area School district lays out its plan to remain one of the state's top districts, Faunbrook B&B is for sale and a Henderson grad needs your help. It’s never dull around here. Who's ready? Let's catch up.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup: Mar. 18, 2022

As temps are expected to soar past 70 degrees today we look at where things stand with the Gay Street closure - but warn you, it's not going to make you happy. Plus, demolition is underway where Rubenstiens once stood. The new complex is being marketed as "affordable" but what exactly does that mean? And a couple of tough community goodbyes. Who's ready? Let's catch up (preferably outside.)

West Chester Weekly News Roundup: March 11, 2022

After two high-profile closures the question has been raised, what is West Chester’s plan to bring in new businesses? A look at the borough’s recruiting efforts, the challenges of downtown and what is actually available. Spoiler: two prominent locations are already leased (including one you've been asking about for two years now). Plus, a pretty little park is proposed for the East end of town and West Chester PD passes an important milestone. Who's ready? Let's catch up.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup: March 4, 2022

On January 26 a deadline passed for the state's municipalities to sign on to receive funds from the $1 billion opioid settlement. 241 municipalities were on the list, but West Chester was not one of them. Why the borough decided to wait and what the delay will cost. Plus, the area's most influential people, 5 local restaurants out-of-compliance with the Health Inspector and a borough fixture for the last 89 years is shutting its doors. Who's ready? Let's catch up.

West Chester Summer Swim Guide 2022

We are about to embark on a new pool adventure. After years as members of the YMCA outdoor pool, we have decided to break off and try something new, or rather, something old. Goodbye waterpark. It’s back to basics. A pool, some grills, and a basketball hoop, but I am hoping the opportunity to run around with friends (and the peace that comes from fully-entertained kids) will more than make up for it. Need a place to dip your toes this summer? Here are your options.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup: Feb. 25, 2022

West Chester's new Restaurant Week is almost here. How it works and who's participating. Plus, a West Chester student sends out a survey that enrages the internet - fortunately most of West Chester manages to keep calm and carry on, the consequences of West Chester's vaccine mandate, and hey sir, why are you picking on the West Chester Railroad? It's been an interesting week. Who's ready? Let's catch up.