West Chester Weekly News Roundup: Dec. 3, 2021

Small businesses are critical to the structure of the borough, but a quiet couple of years have leaders rethinking what the future should look like. Local business owners weigh in on closing Gay Street permanently and the Business Improvement District looks to explore new events. Residents share (some pretty amazing) ideas. Plus, holiday activities are on in full force. Who's ready? Let's catch up.

West Chester Weekly News Roundup: Nov. 19, 2021

It's official. Your cost to live here just went up and no, this time it's not inflation. It's another tax increase. Also, the Borough backs away from getting financial advice from residents. While the Financial Ad Hoc Committee was credited with some innovative ideas, it was ended just as they turned up a suspicious $2.7 million withdrawal from the Wastewater treatment plant. Plus, the latest details on West Chester's new hotel.

What Will We Do Without a Christmas Parade? Your 2021 West Chester Holiday Event List

Since word spread the Christmas parade would be cancelled again this year, there have been a lot of questions about what would replace it. How would the kids of the borough see Santa? What would happen to downtown businesses without their signature event? Well, don't worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to see Santa. As well as just about anything else you can think of that says, the “holidays are here!”

West Chester Weekly News Roundup: Nov. 5, 2021

Oh man, what a week. Two West Chester police officers (and the borough) are being sued for using excessive force during a 2019 arrest outside of Barnaby's, the borough's curbside compost program ends before it can begin and Everhart Park has a new playground. Plus, is someone finally going to do something about the post office? And oh yea, we have a new mayor. Welcome to November. Let's catch up.