Hello, West Chester, 

I’m curious, what was on your must-have list when deciding on a place to live? Chris and I were talking the other day and we realized this fall marks ten years for us living in West Chester!

IMG-1859 (1)
Our first borough home.

For me it was walkability. I wanted to be able to walk to bars and restaurants. We liked to go out and nobody likes to DD. (Rideshare makes this easier, but it was a big one for me at the time.)

Affordability. We were moving in together but we weren’t married. I was buying the place thanks to a well-timed government home buying credit and I wanted to make sure I could afford the mortgage if the relationship didn’t work out. (Fortunately it did and we saved a few extra dollars that we quickly sank into our next place.)

Character. I’ve always been drawn to the history of an older home. I had my heart set on an old row home with an exposed brick wall. (See above.)

Green space. I don’t need acreage but after years of apartment living I wanted a little something to remind me we are outdoors. I remember we looked at one condo downtown, excellent location, but it was surrounded by cement, not even a planter on the stoop. Pass. 

For my husband:

Commute time. We were merging two lives that were not that close together. It had to be somewhere centrally located. 

Home size. When we met he lived in a spacey new construction condo with an open floor plan. He balked at many of the borough homes with their tiny rooms and sub-1000 square footage. (In the end, this was a compromise.)

Not on the list: 

  • School districts, fortunately we landed in a pretty great one. 
  • Crime. While I (generally) feel pretty safe, according to Nich.com, West Chester fares poorly on crime compared to other towns and townships in the area. 

West Chester also takes a hit on affordable housing. We barely snuck in a decade ago with a major fixer-upper but prices have definitely continued to rise and inventory remains limited.

Looking at it now, it’s kind of amazing we found a place at all, but we did and after ten years I can say, we are still pretty happy with our decision. 

So, what’s on your list? I’d love to hear how you ended up here.

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