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New Twin Valley Coffee Caters to a “Grab & Go” Experience

Twin Valley Coffee opens on N. Church Street.

On Labor Day morning, Twin Valley Coffee opened at 120 N. Church Street on the ground floor of the Church Street Market House. This marks the third location for the coffee shop that has seemingly built a reputation with millennials and Gen Xers. (There is also an  Eagleview location and the original Shady Maple Farm Market cafe in Downingtown.)“My daughter drives from Lancaster for this coffee,” my coffee companion told me. A story that would be repeated, details changed, before my cold brew was complete. Perhaps a testament to their tagline, you’ll be “ruined for the ordinary?” 

According to the barista, their most popular item is the caramel, sweet cream cold brew – much too sweet for me but I opted for a variation. Cold brew, light on the sweet cream and I have to say, it was delicious. Rich, creamy, and sweet, but not in a cloying way. My friend had the pumpkin spice latte, which she also said was very good and not too sweet. 

Tip: If the light is still too sweet, try it with a “splash” of sweet cream for just a hint of flavor. 

While the coffee is good, you’ll want to be aware, especially in a town known for its coffee houses, this is not a destination. The shop is mostly unadorned. There is a wall of logo-wear items to one side, a corner of gift items that felt a little like an afterthought, and very limited seating. None inside the coffeehouse,  just a couple of cafe tables on which to rest your beverages, and two outside on the sidewalk. There are gorgeous nooks and crannies to settle in – inside Church Street Market House, but that space is locked to non-members, and you’ll need a code to get in. This is a place to grab a cup and be on your way. This a place, with one focus, coffee. And for that, I’ll definitely be back. Also, this week a couple more food and drink hellos: 

Originally published, Sept. 8, 2023

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