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Where’s the Best Breakfast in West Chester?

Cinnamon swirl french toast. Market Street Grill, West Chester, PA
Cinnamon swirl French toast from Market Street Grill.

I don’t know about you, but lately I have really been in the mood for a nice, big, cooked-by-someone-else breakfast. Now, I can go out to breakfast anytime, anywhere, but there is just something about breakfast in the fall –maybe it’s the cooling temps, the promise of layers and the feeling of permission to order the brioche French toast?  

Anyway, my favorite Facebook mom’s group took a poll on the best breakfast spots in West Chester. So I thought I’d share, in case like me, you are craving a big stack of pumpkin spice pancakes or a classic Bloody Mary finished with bacon.  

The Contenders:

Market Street Grill

“Market Street Grill is amazing. Their Eggs Benedict won best of the Main Line. Nice Atmosphere, nice people.” 

15 votes for Market Street Grill.

Nudy’s Cafe

“I like Nudy’s a lot.” 


Six votes for Nudy’s Cafe.

Penn’s Table

“Penn’s Table is a classic.” 

Five votes for Penn’s Table.

Roots Cafe 

“Roots!! The food is delicious and their Bloody Mary’s are out of this world!”

Eight votes for Roots Café..

Two Birds Café

“Check out Two Birds Café. Across the street from Bradford Shopping Plaza. Food is outstanding!”

Five votes for Two Birds Café.

DK Diner

“DK Diner!”


Four votes for DK Diner.

The Winner:

Market Street Grill. With their pancakes as big as the plate and award-winning hangover cures, perhaps, it’s not surprising this West Chester institution took first place in the voting. I, personally, am a big fan of their breakfast burrito, of course, that cinnamon swirl French toast was pretty good, too.

What do you think? Anyone surprised by this list? Let me know if the comments.

Plus, if really good coffee is your priority, stop here first.

Updated: September 22, 2021

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