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One-Hour in West Chester

What would you do with an hour to kill downtown?

You’re in West Chester for the day, you have an hour to kill, what’s your “don’t miss” thing to do? A version of this question was recently posed to a group of West Chester moms and I loved the responses, so much so, I am adding a couple to my West Chester bucket list (namely the espresso martini). Anyway, I thought I would share.

I would add a pan au chocolate at La Baguette Magique and a cappuccino at Gryphon Cafe, and, if it’s a Saturday, I’d recommend the Growers Market (the longest running producer-only market in the area).

Gryphon coffee on Gay Street.
Brioche roll at La Baguette Magique. (Yum.)
West Chester Grower’s Market is the longest running producer market in Chester County.

So, what’s on your list? I would love to know.

Plus, the twelve parks of West Chester and Main Line Today tackles a similar question.

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