Primary elections are Tuesday, May 21.

With so much going on around town. Catch up on what you may have missed.  

It’s Friday, May 17 and the rain has stopped, for now. Meth, of all things, is making a comeback. Plus, why you are 92% less likely to suffer an avoidable death in Chester County, a collaboration to make everyone cheer, and primaries are on Tuesday. Ready to get started? I have a good feeling about this one.

Make sure to take a minute and enjoy the sun… when it’s here.

The rain. Thought last year was rainy? Then brace yourself. The Daily Local is reporting, year to date, precipitations totals are up. Last year at this time West Chester had recorded 13.74 inches of precipitation. This year that number is already up to 17.54 inches, the Daily Local reports. Making it worse? Saturated groundwater levels means even a normal amount of rain causes low lying areas to pool and flood.  

The primaries are Tuesday. While there is no high-profile election this time around, half of Borough Council is on the ballot. Bernie Flynn is up for re-election in the sixth ward, Michael Stefano is up for re-election in the fourth ward and newcomer Nick Allen, is seeking a seat in the second ward. Of course, they are all running unopposed but you never know when a write in candidate may come along and make things interesting.

Not sure which ward you are? I made you a handy cheat sheet. You’re welcome.

What a Levante/Highland collaboration could look like. Levante image.

Cheers to that. Levante Brewing and Highland Orchards have come together on a summer beer garden. The pop-up beer garden will be available from May 24 through September 1; Friday through Sunday from 12-6 PM.

“Crystal meth is coming storming back in the region.”

-Tom Hogan, Chester County District Attorney

People still use meth? Just when we thought Breaking Bad was behind us, Chester County is reporting the return of methamphetamine trafficking and use to the area. While, the language used by Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan was strong, there weren’t a lot of numerical details provided during the press conference so it’s hard to quantify the strength of this threat locally but other areas in the country are reporting similar concerns.

But not to think we forgot about the opioid crisis, the Mayor’s Opioid Task Force will be hosting a free fitness event at Everhart Park this Saturday. In addition to group exercise there will be food vendors, music and recovery agencies on site. Rules state participants must be 48 hours substance free at the start of the event but not sure how they are planning to enforce that.   

People who play sports – Good luck the to West Chester University’s women’s lacrosse team who will be playing a semifinal match tonight after securing their first NCAA Final Four appearance in seven years. The 5th-ranked Golden Rams will face Queens College (N.C.). If they win, they will play in the National Championship game on Sunday – both games are in Michigan.

In more lacrosse news, Henderson High School senior Luke Wierman has been using the last year of his high school lacrosse career to raise money to help his young cousin who suffers from a rare genetic disorder. While the boys wrapped the regular season this week ending with a 10 – 6 record, I am sure Luke and family will still gladly accept donations.  

“I  think you need the @ghostbusters for this one guys.”

-Guy on Instagram

Who you going to call? West Chester Police. They need your help.

The warnings. Your surveillance footage is only as good as your camera. West Chester Police are seeking help to identify a female suspect in a potential theft. The only problem, they’re just having a hard time convincing people she is real. Have any information on her identity either, in this life or a past one, contact West Chester police.

The accolades. Congratulations to Rustin’s Brad Harkins, social studies teacher, wrestling coach, baseball coach and now, Preston and Steve “coolest teacher” winner.  Also getting high marks, Chester County Hospital. They received an “A” for safety according to a new report from LeapFrog Group, a nonprofit committed to safety in the healthcare system. The difference between an “A” hospital and a “D” or “F” hospital? – a 92 percent greater risk of avoidable death.

Chester County Studio Arts Tour is this weekend. Over 20 West Chester studios on the tour.

The freakin’ weekend. What are you up to this weekend? It’s been a long week around here and this weekend is much anticipated. We are going to take advantage of the break in the rain to meet some friends for a picnic in the park – and maybe even break out the bikes? If you are looking for ideas, this ballet sounds like an amazing way to introduce the kids to a little culture.

Mark your calendar:

  • West Chester Co-Op Food Tasting, May 18
  • Studio Arts Tour, May 18-19, get a map here.
  • Strawberry Festival, Everhart Park, May 19
  • Fundamentals of Theater, West Chester Public Library, May 22
  • Happy Hour on the Terrace, West Chester Library, $10/ticket, May 31 (Local authors edition)
  • Up on the Roof, Chestnut Street Garage, June 1
  • Bark in the Park, Everhart Park, June 2

The library is holding a Fundamentals of Theater on Wednesday. It’s an hour-long program of theater games and activities for the budding thespian in your life (ages 5-9). Registration required.

bike race
2018 West Chester Iron Hill Criterium

Plus, mark your calendars for August 10 – the criterium professional bike race is coming back to West Chester! I’m excited. This is a fun event. Even in the rain.

Ok, that’s it, the week’s a wrap. I’ll see you next week in the meantime, enjoy your weekend. I don’t know about you, but I feel I’ve earned it. If you missed it here’s last week’s Roundup and some new local restaurants to try. Let me know what you think.

In the cue, I’m looking at four major development projects that could drastically change the face of West Chester and I am hoping to learn more about West Chester’s new green team. If anyone knows the person in change send me an email.

And lastly don’t forget to follow the blog or Hello, West Chester on social, and if you are, tell your friends. There are a lot of interesting things going on around town that shouldn’t be missed!

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