And thank you for welcoming me into the West Chester blog community!

A little over a year ago I started this blog with the idea I’d find a way to be better informed but the first thing I learned, it wasn’t that these things weren’t out there, I was just missing them.

First thing I learned, it wasn’t that these things weren’t out there in the universe, I was just missing them.  


There are a lot of great stories coming out of and about the West Chester community. So many in fact, it is sometimes hard to stay on top of it all. So one of things I’m excited about is having a place where everything is all pulled together. I began with local Instagram accounts and it opened a Pandora’s box of interesting things happening all over town.

Roundup Posts:  18 Must Follow Local Instagram Accounts; 8 Amazing and Informative West Chester Blogs, Here We Grow Again; West Chester weekly news round up (which I publish every Friday and would like to rename).

Second, there is a lot going on and things on occasion are going to get missed.

Chester County WalkWorks program encourages residents to walk more

When there is something that’s happened that wasn’t covered elsewhere I’ve tried to share these stories with you.

News posts: The Borough Electric, West Chester’s New Walking Tour, OurBus Cancels West Chester Route, What Happens When the County Sprays for Mosquitoes?

Then there are the long held bits of knowledge that are not necessarily news worthy but really just good information to have.

Dub-C 4 Miler kids' race

When someone shares these with me I’ll share them with you. Here are a few I’ve collected so far.

Life here posts: West Chester’s 12 Parks, How to Get a Spot at the Library’s Popular Storytime, Best Places for Youth Soccer, 5 Iconic West Chester Runs, How to Pay a Parking Ticket

Thank you for taking a minute to check out the site. I hope you found something of use. My New Year’s resolution? Keep digging. Keep publishing. Keep trying to find a better way to spread the word so, we can all be a little bit better informed… (and get back to the gym.) If you have thoughts, comments, or ideas on how to do it better, please share and…

Please follow along…

It already looks like we are going to have a lot to discuss in 2019 (the start of a plastic ban, momentous changes to the downtown landscape, new restaurants, zoning changes, plus more events, road closures, and who knows what else…)

Thanks again, and a very happy New Year to you!

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