There is so much happening in and around West Chester it is easy to feel like you’re missing something. There is also a lot of information out there, if you know where to look. Here are some worthy suggestions to help build out your local reading list and keep you informed.

If you’re interested in local government, follow:

Mayor Herrin’s Borough Briefs

West Chester’s mayor shares what her office is focused on in semi-regular updates (there is usually a new one every month or two). The last update included the background on the Mayor’s opioid task force and information on the proposed earned income tax increase. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now would be a good time. There’s a public meeting on the increase on Wednesday.

If you’re interested in the latest downtown news, follow:

The Downtown West Chester Blog

Want the inside scoop on what’s going on downtown especially when it comes to businesses and events? This is the blog for you. Case in point, if you followed this blog you would have known a month ago construction on the Mostellar building (now 44 West) was eminent and that it’s scheduled to be completed by December of next year.  

If you’re interested in the local theater scene, follow:

Fig West Chester

If it’s coming to a stage, theater or street corner, Fig has you covered. Also get an inside look at new businesses and profiles of the people that make the borough special. Subscribe to their site to get their latest updates.  

If you are new to the area or visiting from out of town, follow:

Image from the Brandywine Valley Blog. Did I lie? Pretty, right?

The Brandywine Valley Blog

This blog from the Chester County Visitor Bureau gives you a good overview of the region including places to stay and events to check out. It’s also lovely to look at. Head over now for gorgeous pictures of fall foliage and a list of upcoming holiday events.

You need more local news, follow:

The Patch

I’m guessing you are already know about the Daily Local (if you don’t you should follow them too) but the Patch is a nice supplement to the local newspaper. Run by professional editors, the Patch is part traditional news outlet, part community message board. Just watch your settings, they can send a lot of updates.

If you want to get the opinions of your neighbors, follow:


Nextdoor is the private social network that is made up of the people that live in your neighborhood. To keep it local you have to show proof of residence to sign up but if you are curious about a strange noise in the night – there is no better place to go.  

If you are interested in whiskey and soccer, follow:

Kildares’ Blog

Find the full premier league soccer schedule and the recipe for this amazing coffee drink. I kind of included this one just as an excuse to share this recipe. Kildare’s if you’re reading this, please post more of these!

Fenn’s and Kildares’ Irish Coffee Collaboration

  • Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition
  • Caramel Vodka
  • Crème de Cocao
  • Fenn’s Custom Cold Brew

If you are interested in getting this all in one place? Follow:


We are launching a weekly news roundup on Fridays, because really who can keep all of this straight? Follow the blog to get notified when it comes out. 

Am I missing anything? Where do you go to stay informed?

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