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Hoopes Park: The Sports Park

Entrance to Hoopes Park in West Chester, PA

Vibe: If you’ve ever registered for a sports camp or league through the West Chester Park & Rec you are probably familiar with Hoopes park.

With just over 16 acres, Hoopes Park provides plenty of room for little and big legs to get out and run and play. Complete with tennis courts, basketball hoops, and a full baseball field, Hoopes is a sports-lover’s dream. There’s also plenty of room to accommodate a pick-up soccer game or ultimate Frisbee. Swatches of wide open land also make it the perfect place to hold the seasonal star party.

History:  Named after Josiah Hoopes one of the original park supervisors, Hoopes joined the West Chester park family in 1957 as a place for neighborhood kids to play.

Preservation news: Hoopes is participating in a pilot program to help protect the park’s 84 Ash trees from the emerald ash borer, an invasive species that is threatening to kill the trees.

Hoopes Park in West Chester, PA features a variety of athletic options including tennis courts and a baseball diamond.

Key features: Tennis courts, Farley Field (baseball diamond), basketball hoops, covered picnic area, playground equipment.

Events: This park is used to accommodate several local outdoor sports leagues and camps including tennis, soccer and t-ball. It also hosts summer camp, an adult baseball league and a seasonal star party for the all the aspiring astronomers out there.

Location: W. Ashbridge St. and Hoopes Park Ln.

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