I’m going to a Super Bowl party and I’m bringing…

You’ve been invited to a neighbor’s house for the big game. What do you bring?

Maybe last year you grabbed a jar of salsa and a bag of chips but this year, why not consider upping your snacking game?

Fortunately, potluck is the perfect time to shop local. So I headed to downtown West Chester and found a variety of tasty snacks and beverages that would be a welcome addition to any Super Bowl spread.

Looking for unique game day snacks consider shopping local

Carlino’s Dips and Bruschetta toasts

Carlino’s has a wide variety dips and cheese spreads from classic bruschetta and spinach and artichoke dip to port wine cheese and cheddar with horseradish.

Prices vary but I grabbed three dips and the toasts (and a small coffee) and checked out for under $20.

Need more ideas? They have a whole game day menu.

Iron Hill Growler

In deference to the game, I’m avoiding recommending anything with New England in the description so go with the Pig Iron Porter – this award winning porter brings the perfect richness for this time of year plus the ABV of 5.4% will make Monday much more doable if you decide have more than one.

Prices vary by beer. The Pig Iron Porter growler is $15 (plus $4 if you need the growler).

Levante Growler

Because you can never have enough good beer, Levante also has growlers of their award winning beers available. Try The Chief, their American IPA. Its alcohol content isn’t too bad for a Sunday (6.7%) and its description sums up everyone’s wishes for the game “a satisfying and smooth finish.”

$15-20/64 oz. growler depending on the beer (plus $5 if you need the growler)

A Taste of Olive’s Buttery Popcorn

To make this you’ll need a jar of popcorn kernels (you can get these at Giant or Acme) and butter extra virgin olive oil from Taste of Olive. Pop ahead of time in a big brown paper bag or package together as a nice hostess gift.


Pour a 1/4 cup of kernels in a brown paper bag. Use the popcorn setting on the microwave and wait for the popping to slow. (If you’re popping a party’s worth you’ll need to repeat a few times.) Add the oil and a little salt if you like. Shake. Delish.

The oil is a little pricey but you can get a whole jar of kernels cheap so it all works out.

Butter Extra Virgin Olive Oil – $18.95; kernels around $4 at Giant

Side Bar’s Buffalo Wings

A Super Bowl party is not a Super Bowl party without wings. So may I suggest, Side Bar? I’m partial to their traditional Buffalo but if you don’t know your hosts that well, the peanut butter bacon jalapeno would make a great ice breaker.

Buffalo, Peanut Butter Bacon Jalapeno or Thai Chili $11 for an order of ten.

Whole Food’s Football Cookies

There are plenty of great bakeries in the borough but these cookies are shaped like footballs. If you haven’t had a chance to make it out to the new Whole Foods in Exton here’s your excuse. Honestly I’d still prefer a homemade chocolate chip but the kids will love them and they are from Whole Foods so you know there are no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or hydrogenated fats plus did I mention they are shaped like footballs?

Football Cookies $4.95 each

Amish Market Eagles Cake

Philadelphia Eagles chocolate football cake from the Westtown Amish MarketWhat a perfect way to end the game (or drown your sorrows)? I haven’t had a chance to try the cake but if it’s like everything else that comes from their bakery, it’s delicious. Note: For all you displaced Pat’s fans they also had a New England version.

Philadelphia Eagles chocolate football cake $14.95

What are your plans for the game? Any local finds make it onto your Super Bowl menu? 

Plus, a local coaching legend gets one more round of applause and if all else fails you can also grab a box or two of these crowd pleasers on your way out of Giant.

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