Hello, West Chester,

IMG_6263I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Not exactly, a white Christmas but the boys did spot a few flurries Christmas morning. We are heading to Longwood this weekend to check out their French-inspired holiday display. I’m excited to go but a little nervous about the temps. Brrrr.

Wishing everyone a lovely holiday weekend part 2. If you’re looking for things to do there are still a few things left on our 25 Things To Do in December post. We’ll be back in the New Year with new stories and conversations from the borough. Maybe even a Facebook page and Twitter account? I hope you’ll join us!

Image: Longwood tree wound with lights.

Hello, West Chester,

IMG_5908Frustrated by all the environmental regulation rollbacks and disregard for climate change? Do something about it.

The West Chester Sustainable Advisory Committee (SAC) is looking for three new members. Don’t know what the SAC is? Don’t worry I wrote it up for you.

Check out our latest piece:  How to Be an Eco-Warrior in West Chester. (Now.)

Borough council is interviewing members at a special meeting tonight (6 pm, Borough Council Chambers). If you’re interested reach out to Christine McAllister with your resume. Last I heard they only had two candidates so there may still time but hurry, the environment needs you.

Image: Our neighborhood as depicted by Max, age 5

Hello, West Chester,

IMG_6373A chill is in the air. There are rumors of a cold snap in our future, even a snowflake popping up in my weather app. Although, this isn’t the first time he’s popping up among the string of sun and clouds, so we shall see.

Our Christmas celebrating continues among a half-decorated house. This weekend we are planning a trip out of town (to Kennett Square) to the Holiday Village Market. It will be our first trip to the much praised Creamery.

Looking to kill a few minutes?  Check out this week’s Street Talk will keep you informed of what’s going on in the borough plus, 25 Things To Do, Eat Watch, and Read is full of ideas to get you in the holiday spirit.

Image: We’re going to get our Christmas tree, we’re going to get our Christmas tree!


Hello, West Chester,

Did you attend the Christmas Parade on Friday? We did. Three kids in tow plus double stroller (let me apologize for that now) and so did apparently 40,000 others. We are fortunate to be able to walk downtown so we avoided most of the vehicle traffic and parking woes that seem to have affected others and being crafty locals we were able to avoid most of the foot traffic as well.

Although we weren’t completely unaware.

We were meeting friends at BoxCar and one couple +kids spent a good 45 minutes circling downtown trying to navigate roads and get to a parking space and they had a parking pass! (But they were from out of town.)

After reading some neighborhood message boards this seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Calling some to question whether this event has gotten too big for our little borough of West Chester?

What are your thoughts? (With three little ones, my biggest complaint would have been length but they wrapped it up right before we got desperate.)

Those with concerns and suggestions are encouraged to attend the next Public Safety Committee meeting on December 6th at 5:30pm.

Plus, if you were disappointed and are looking to get your holiday vibe back: 25 Things To Do, Eat, Watch and Read in December.

Image above created with Typorama.


Hello, West Chester,

I’m feeling particularly thankful this morning.

If you haven’t heard, there was a massive five alarm fire at the Barclay House assisted living center last night. Thanks to fast-acting staff, first responders and neighbors, residents were quickly evacuated. While firefighters battled the blaze, residents bundled in blankets they waited in frigid temps as  and until they could be relocated. Dozens were injured but no deaths have been confirmed yet

It makes you think how quickly your world can change and it makes me grateful to know I live in a community where neighbors pull together in times of need.

If I don’t talk to you before the holiday, I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by those that make you happy.

Hello, West Chester,


I took the baby to Longwood Gardens this week (trying to get the most out of our membership before I head back to work) and they were planting their spring bulbs. Have you ever seen this? It was amazing to watch. Thousands of bulb meticulously lined up, row after row in anticipation of a spring reveal. Awesome.

In honor of this most gorgeous time of year, we are continuing with our series about West Chester parks and I seem to be starting with the lesser known parks. A better editor would probably have put more foresight into this order. Starting with a big name, like a Marshall Square or an Everhart, or one with a cool amenity like yoga or concerts or a splash park before moving on to the hidden gems but I did not.

So I bring you Horace Pippen, a park with an interesting namesake.


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